In summary

You are not an operator, but you do work in a potentially explosive atmosphere. You therefore require specialist knowledge and skills that are compatible with your job. Prior to this specialisation, you will complete the course or e-Learning course Basic Principles of ATEX-EX 001 EX: a general explosion-safety training course.

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About this course

Target group

Do you work as a fitter, mechanic, engineer, inspector or auditor in the petrochemical industry, food industry, paint industry or any other sectors involving explosive hazards? If so, the e-Learning course Basic Principles of ATEX-EX 001 EX is an essential step in demonstrating your professional skills.

Goal and structure

This is the optimal self-study course as an equivalent to the classroom version. You will gain detailed knowledge of explosion safety. Compliance with legal working conditions and ATEX 153 – (before 137) requirements. Our ATEX training courses comply with the international IECEx 05 examination and exit-qualification requirements. They include all relevant national, European (ATEX) and international standards and regulations. The e-Learning course ATEX-EX 001 EX Basic Principles gives you insight into how explosion hazards occur, recognising dangerous situations, preventing explosions, relevant legislation, certification and thorough knowledge of explosion- protection methods. By completing this course, you comply with the international examination and exit-qualification requirements for IECEx 05, Unit Ex 001 and you will have gained all of the basic knowledge common to the desired follow-up modules. Upon completion of the e-Learning course ATEX-EX 001 EX Basic Principles, you are eligible to take these specialist modules.

Preliminary training

No special preliminary training is required for this course.


After the training you receive the certificate of participation ‘ATEX-EX 001’. You may decide to register for an exam. When you have passed this exam, you will receive the recognized certificate ‘ATEX-EX 001’. If you wish to work abroad, then a personal IECEx 05 certificate enables you to demonstrate throughout the world that you possess the necessary knowledge and skills. The company that you want to work for must have accepted this certification scheme. Applications for a personal certificate can be made to PBNA Certification. Your application must include the diploma and an evidence file (documents in which your employer has recorded your professional experience).

Content of the course

The following issues will be discussed:

  • ATEX 95 and 153 (before 137) legislation, ATEX 95 certification schemes, explosion safety documents/markings
  • Properties of explosive gases
  • The nature of explosive atmospheres: definitions, zone-classification methods
  • Responsibilities for matters such as working permits, safety procedures/measures and gas detection
  • Roles of a variety of parties, e.g. owner of plant, technicians, designers and insurers
  • Principles of protection methods for electrical and mechanical materials
  • Visible conditions, activities and equipment defects that can cause explosion hazards
  • Specific requirements for tasks performed in an explosive atmosphere


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